handstand competitions at our jiu jitsu lesson!



Animal races, break falls, handstand competitions, and the circle game…sound mysterious??? It’s all part of the super cool jiu jitsu lesson that awaits our Active Arts workshoppers!

handstand competitions at our jiu jitsu lesson!


Jiu jitsu gives our workshoppers the chance to learn the basics of self-defence and build their confidence as they work in pairs and groups on new moves and a range of fun games.

My personal favourite activity in this session is “Animal Races”. It sounds sweet, but this game really works up a sweat!  Students have to move from one side of the delightfully squishy mats to the other moving as a particular animal One minute they’re scuttling like crabs, the next minute they’re crawling like crocodiles, and then they’re head over heels tumbling like a crazy frog!

Fabio, the super-talented professor at Gracie Barra St Peters, is SO good at working with our workshoppers, encouraging those that are ready to tumble down the room, and giving extra guidance and support to those who have never done a forward roll before.


Next up, our students team up and work in pairs as they perfect their break falls. Break falls are a special move that teaches us how to fall safely. The workshoppers love this as part of the move involves giving the bright, blue mats a big, loud slap! The big bangs from each break fall echoes through the jiu jitsu school and they get such a rush from it!

Here’s one of our littlest Active Arts workshoppers giving one of the jiu jitsu instructors a run for their money and making them bust out a break fall!

In their pairs they also have a go at different defensive tactics, like blocking and getting out of a hold. Students love taking turns at being the “blocker” and the “blocked”!

The session is always different. Fabio is always coming up with new moves and manoeuvres to teach our workshoppers, and new games to put a fun little twist on self-defence movement principles and training.


The circle game is always a hit with our students – they have to put their new jiu jitsu skills to the test to try and get another student out of the circle. We personally love watching our workshoppers smash it out in a wall-handstand competition (what Elena affectionately calls “upsidedown bear!”).

Handstand competitions at Jiu Jitsu!

We just love that our workshoppers get a chance to learn from Fabio. He expertly crafts the history and philosophy of jiu jitsu and gives expert advice on how to confidently deal with issues like bullying. The session does more than build the physical strength as students walk away with increased self-confidence and respect for themselves and others.

We can’t wait to see what’s coming up at our next jiu jitsu session!

Not long to go now till our Winter Active Arts Holiday Workshop. Click here to find out more!

Want to learn more about what Gracie Barra in St Peters have to offer your child (or even you!?). Watch this awesome video that perfectly sums up what Fabio and the crew at GBJJ St Peters are all about!

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