Adult Class Descriptions


Not sure what to expect at your first adult dance class? Read on to get the lowdown of our Stretch and Strength and Lyrical Ballet classes. Tapping more your thing? Then click here to read about our short and sweet Adult Tap Mini-Courses!

Stretch & Strength

This 45-minute class is focused on rebuilding or gaining flexibility, core strength and muscule tone and endurance. Each class starts off with an all-round stretch session and then moves on to a 3-stage body workout focusing on arms, abs & back and butts & legs. Workouts are based on short, intense bursts with small recovery sessions, which help to kick-start the body and have you looking and feeling great.

To keep things interesting, we incorporate a range of techniques and props, including fitballs, chi balls, massage rollers, super-light hand weights and therabands. Classes are small, friendly and built upon an environment of encouragement and achievement.

Have a pre-existing injury or a physical limitation? Don’t let that stop you! We’re experienced in providing alternative movements and exercises so everyone can get moving!

Lyrical Ballet

This class is for anyone who has ever thought “I’d like to try ballet, but I’m probably too old to learn now”.

Aimed at beginners, we teach at a pace that feels right for you. There’s no set steps or any prior knowledge of strange French words needed beforehand – all you need to do is turn up and be ready to have a laugh with us!

This class offers the space, patience and time to give individualised attention on how to improve the fundamentals of ballet. Then, we can put those basics into practice with more fluid and expressive movements to loosen us up and de-stress. Whether you’re there to get a strong core, fulfil a childhood dream or approach a new hobby in a fun and supportive environment – we welcome you with open arms. “Too old” is not in our vocabulary!