Adult Tap Mini-Courses



Adult tap classes with a twist

Love tap but have never been able to get to a class often enough to notice real progress? Want to get fit doing something fun? Love to dance but find it hard comitting to a full term or year of adult tap classes?

Then our Adult Tap Mini-Courses are perfect for you!

In a 1-hour class over 4 weeks, you’ll learn new tap steps, refine your skills and have fun as you stamp away those weekday stresses.

Each course is dedicated to learning a classic scene or song from timeless films, musicals, stage shows and more. In no time, you’ll be tapping away like Fred and Ginger or Gene and Debbie… or maybe you’ll be getting down to the awesome opening scene to Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom … nothing escapes our tap radar! Old or new, classic or fringe, quirky or traditional – we love it all, and you will too!

Our tap mini-courses are perfect for absolute beginners to advanced beginners. Never tapped before? Never fear! You’ll be shuffling and stamping in no time with our mini-courses.

We know life is busy for adults, so we’ve specifically designed these mini-courses to be jam-packed with as much tap-tastic fun and learning over just 4 weeks. We’ll run different workshops throughout the year with different themes to keep you inspired and motivated.



$70 for 4-weeks

($20 casual drop-in)

Our next Tap Mini-Course will begin Tuesday 5th March!

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