Bangarra's Bennelong

Dance Domain Out on the Town – Our trip to see ‘Bennelong’

Dance domain out on the town!

Last Saturday night, Dance Domain students and families went on an excursion to see Bangarra’s latest work, Bennelong. Find out more about Dance Domain’s Bangarra excursion to the Sydney Opera House!

Bangarra's Bennelong

Image source: Edward Mulvihill

Dance domain’s bangarra excursion

This is only the second time we’ve done this “watching dance” excursion with the Dance Domain community, but it has quickly become a tradition. Last year we had the pleasure of watching OUR Land, People, Stories. I was mesmerised during the entire show and long after I left the theatre. This year was no different, except for the fact that it moved me to tears on more than one occasion.

There’s nothing quite like seeing Bangarra take the stage. They’re one of my favourite Australian dance companies, and they never disappoint. From the stunning dancers and clever choreography to the exquisite costumes and impeccable music, every show is perfectly crafted from start to finish.

But most of all, taking our students to watch Bangarra is educational. Every time I watch them, I’m transported into narratives of a history that have otherwise been obscured by the mainstream. This mission is something we strongly support in the Dance Domain community. Each time I walk away from a Bangarra show, I walk away with a little more insight into a culture and a history I ashamedly do not know enough about.

As a teacher and studio director, my aim for these excursions is to give my students the opportunity to learn more about the stories of our nation’s first people. The fact that this happens through an engaging and familiar form is a bonus.

I love being able to discuss the show, its message, and its artistic features with our students and families, and I can’t wait to see many more works from Bangarra in the future!

Dance Domain students watch Bangarra's Bennelong

What did our students think of bennelong?

So what was the verdict? We asked our students and families who joined us on Dance Domain’s Bangarra excursion what they thought of the show, the experience, and the excursion!


I think the show was amazing and it’s important because we can learn a lot from watching other people perform. Also, it told us a lot about the history of our country and particularly indigenous stories. It was also heaps of fun to hang out with everyone for a bit!


The show was incredible. They showed us the story of Bennelong in a way that we have never seen before and they performed it beautifully! My favourite part was definitely the small pox scene – it was done with so much emotion. Seeing this performance with my friends was an added bonus and was heaps of fun!!

(…that smallpox scene that Natalie mentioned – that was one of the moments that brought me to tears. So incredibly powerful.)

dance domain students in the audience before Bangarra's show starts!

Natalie & Emily in the audience pre-show!


I thought that the show was so good. I loved the bit with the one girl dancer and the numbers (I think they were 178 ?). I loved the story it told and it really showed us how our face and body can tell an amazing story that needs to be spread and acknowledged. I love the DD excursions because we get to spend time with each other outside of dance and chat without disrupting a class

(the dance teacher in me has gotta love that last part!)

Dance pic fails at Dance Domain's Bangarra Excursion

This is what we let loose in Sydney…

While Bennelong is now closed in Sydney, you can find out more about Bangarra and their upcoming works by visiting their site here.

We can’t wait till the next DD Excursion 🙂

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