Here at DD we know we’ve got some pretty amazing and creative students. So we thought it would be pretty cool to showcase their awesome talents and show how diverse and dedicated a DD kid is. I think you’ll be pretty blown away what these kids can do, and we’re going to start off this series with a bang!

Meet Orlando – 13yrs old and a part of the DD community since day dot.

So let me give you a bit of background on how this post came about. On Thursday afternoon last week, I got a message from Orlando saying he couldn’t come to hip hop on Thursday night because “My brother’s 21st birthday party is on Saturday and I am making a big cake wiht lots of stuff on it so I need to start making it on Thursday”…….. okkkkk…

I always say “Family comes first” so I let our hip hop guru, Sally know, and we both went merrily on about our weeks.

Well… Saturday evening comes around, and I get an update from Orlando…

“I finished the cake!”

Dance Domain_brag book_cake master


Oh.. my…

I didn’t have words. How could- But- Oh my…


Dance Domain_brag book_cake messages

I’ve seen and tasted some of Orlando’s baking successes before, but this is literally next level. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Masterchef, move over… this is something else!

For those that are playing at home, Orlando is 13…. 13!!!! Last week I literally cooked myself boiled pasta with olive oil and pepper for dinner… and he made this! I couldn’t be more impressed or more proud of his awesome talents so I just had to tell the world about it!

Here’s what DD’s King of Baking had to say..

How long did it take?
Well, I started on Friday afternoon after school and finished it at 5:30 the next day, so around 18 hours.

Dance Domain_brag blog_piping

What was the hardest part?
I found the cake batter and the macarons the hardest part because the cake had to be for 80 people so there was lots of flour and sugar which was heavy💪🏼  and the macarons because I’ve only ever made them once before so it was hard to remember all the little tips and tricks.

Dance Domain_brag book_macarons


What is it made of?

The cake is a chocolate mud cake with a cherry filling covered in vanilla buttercream. The drips down the side are chocolate ganache. There is raspberry macarons, mini meringues, shards of chocolate, honeycomb and lots of chopped up chocolate bars.

Dance Domain_brag blog_decorating

How long have you been cooking and creating in the kitchen?

I’m not exactly sure but I’ve always loved helping my parents in the kitchen since I was little. I only started baking bigger and more sophisticated dessert around 5 years ago. But by far this cake is the best one I’ve ever made!

Dance Domain_brag book_ready to party


I think I’m not the only one who will be totally blown away by Orlando’s talents. I just had to show Miss Sal just as real validation for his class absence… she was equally gobsmacked. And suggested he should have an instagram account for his baking and start taking orders. Oh, hang on, he’s already got a website!!!

If you’re keen to know more about Orlando’s baking, or maybe even put an order in, you should head over and support this ridiculously talented young entrepreneur in the making.


Dance Domain_brag book_ Orlandos Sweets website

Orlando’s Sweets


Watch out Zumbo – Orlando is gonna take over the world!

Keep an eye out for the next instalment in our Student Brag Book series!

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