An initiative dreamed up by one of our very own students, DD SRC is a chance for students to get more closely involved in the decision-making process and help make the studio an even better place for our students. We’re all about giving students opportunities and working collaboratively, so as soon as we heard the idea we jumped on it!

After a smashing success in 2017, we hit it out again with a team almost double the size! Our DD SRC kids ran the smoothest, most enjoyable events for DD students and their siblings, including a movie night, our very first Games Night (a little trivia with a DD twist) and another round of our super-fun DD Halloween party.

This year, the DD SRC will be dreaming up new events, supporting charity drives, assisting with event set-up and management, and acting as a point of communication for all students, teachers, and team members.

In doing so, they’ll improve their leadership, teamwork and communication skills and get valuable experience in project management, event management, and business strategy. At the end of each year, they’ll receive a written reference outlining their role and responsibilities which they can include in future school and job applications.