Holiday Workshops

Whether your child is 6 or 16, we offer a range of workshops to get kids moving and creating in the school holidays.

All of our workshops are all-inclusive: activities, snacks, and drinks are included.

Our Active Arts Holiday Workshops include FREE aftercare till 5pm – perfect for working parents!


Our super-popular ACTIVE ARTS HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS  are always a hit with the kids. Who wants to play soccer for 4 days straight? Or stand and field cricket balls for a week? ACTIVE ARTS is all about providing a range of active and artistic activities to kids aged 6-12. They’ll leave each day happy and exhausted (yay!) and proud of their accomplishments.

Find out more about ACTIVE ARTS HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS here


We offer two types of workshops for students aged 12+.

Our Conditioning and Acro Workshop really gets teenagers moving in the holidays. They’ll learn new stretching and strengthening exercises, build their dance technique, and learn some cool acro tricks too!

Our Dance Intensive Workshop is a chance for students to work as a team and collaborate as they create a dance piece. They’ll work on the artistic vision and choreography on the first day, and on the second day, they’ll get to shoot a video of the dance in full costume. The video will be edited after the workshop and students will receive a copy of their concept video on USB.

Find out more about our Senior workshops here