Meet the Director

Elena Lambrinos

Let’s do away with the boring old bio and in its place, I’ll tell you why I started Dance Domain.

Dance Domain is a safe space that uses dance as the vehicle to teach important values and life skills. We base every single class and program on four key values:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Individuality
  • Community
  • Creativity

The benefits of dance aren’t surprising. There are the physical skills like strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, social skills like team work, cooperation, sharing, and empathy, and cognitive skills such as pattern recognition.

But traditional dance education is often exclusive, favouring particular bodes and particular ways of being over others.

I wanted Dance Domain to be a place that pushes past traditional dance practices and replaces them with a progressive, inclusive, and positive approach to dance. I wanted to provide a space that would ensure that my students received a very different dance education than the one I experienced.

My love for dance education is two-fold: a passion for teaching dance, and a passion for researching dance teaching.

I’m currently in the final year of a PhD in the Sociology of Education at The University of Sydney. I hope to submit just before I go insane (mmmm running a fulltime business and doing a fulltime PhD – not my brightest moment, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

My research explores how we teach children’s ballet classes to better understand what is being taught (hint… it’s not just the steps. There’s a whole bunch of stuff that is aimed at shaping identity and dispositions too. And that has a massive impact.). The goal of my research is to provide insights into how we can open access to a broader range of students, regardless of age, race, class, gender, sex, or physical or intellectual capacity. It’s all about finding better ways to do things, and every moment I’m teaching I’m always trying something new and learning from every one of my students.

I’m a Postgraduate Member of the LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building at the University of Sydney, and my work with the centre aims towards engaging with both academics and teachers to improve teaching practices across a range of educational fields. You could say I’m pretty keen on making sure that we’re always thinking about ways that we can improve as teachers.

My passion for learning and appreciation for diversity, inclusivity, and equal access drives me in both research and teaching dance, and Dance Domain is an environment that realizes these things and provides a space for the continual improvement of how we teach and learn dance.


The Formal Stuff

  • PhD Candidate in the Sociology of Education at the University of Sydney.
  • MA Cultural Studies with a dissertation in gender, class and race relations in dance pedagogy
  • B Arts (Gender Studies and Sociology
  • Postgradute Member – LCT Centre for Knowledge Building (USyd)
  • Certified Progressing Ballet Technique teacher
  • Certified Leap N Learn teacher
  • Self-confessed obsession with pilates and dance anatomy

Want to chat to me about my research or my approach to dance education? Email me at