Meet the Team Part 1: Lydia Feeney

First off the ranks in our Meet the Team series for 2017…

Lydia Feeney


Lydia is our Theatre Jazz Extraordinaire, but when she’s not waving those jazz hands, or doing Fosse walks, she’ll be teaching Senior Lyrical, Jazz, Conditioning and our Intermediate Performance Group!

She’s in her final year of a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at The University of Sydney and brings so much passion, precision, and pizzazz to her classes. Her lyrical routine to “Slip” was one of 2015’s most talked about routine, and it wouldn’t be a DD Showcase if it didn’t open with one of her vibrant and quirky Theatre Jazz pieces!

In previous years, only our senior students had the privilege of working with the awesome Lydia, but this year some of our younger students will get to experience her fun and dynamic choreography in our Intermediate Performance Group class, and her fresh new take on conditioning exercises that will help our conditioning students achieve their new personal goals this year … you sweat and moan, but we know you love it! 😉

Our littlest dancers love watching how high Miss Lydia can jump and she’s also been known to turn a few of our mother’s heads too! I don’t blame them… watching Lydia dance is beyond breathtaking!

Lydia’s passion for her own professional and personal development means that she is always striving to improve and find ways to provide even better learning experiences for our students. We’re so proud to have Lydia as a member of the DD team – her positivity and rapport with each and every student is such an asset to the studio.

Stay tuned for part 2 in our Meet the Team series…

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