Revolutionising Inner West Dance Classes

Kids dance classes inner west

On the hunt for Inner West dance classes for your child?

It's the start of a new year, and you're thinking about dance classes for your child.

It's easy to get discouraged. All of a sudden you find yourself negotiating rules, requests and requirements that all seem a bit much. After all, you just wanted a place where your child can move around, learn to dance, and have some fun. Maybe make some new friends?

Sound familiar?

At Dance Domain, we're bringing back the love of dance to kids across the Inner West.

Put away the ballet tights, get rid of the exams, and enough with the barely-there costumes - that's not all there is when it comes to dance classes.

Our fuss-free approach to dance attracts families from all over the Inner West that fall in love with what we do. We're proud to host one of the most inclusive and supportive dance communities that encourage and inspire each other to achieve their best.


Our students think we’re awesome because everyone is free to express their individuality in a safe and creative environment that respects and praises difference.

DD kids are encouraged to enjoy dance as kids, whilst learning important life skills, making strong friendships, and having the best time!


  • Our classes are relaxed and inclusive. There’s no pressure of exams or auditions for performance groups.
  • Students are always respected and given a say. From music choices, to costume ideas, and choreography – we value the creative input of our students and encourage our students to be co-creators.
  • We let students develop at their own pace. We appreciate the difference that makes each of our students unique, and work together to achieve their personal goals, not pre-defined ones. 
  • Students get to see their ideas come to life, such as DD SRC, our student council, which was an idea pitched in 2016 that was made into reality in 2017.
  • We hate tacky or barely-there costumes – and so do our students. We never make them wear something they aren’t comfortable in.
  • We don’t value ballet above all other styles. At Dance Domain, all dance styles are as important as each other
  • They feel truly at home in a studio space that was custom-built for our students, and customised by our students. From the comfy couches, to the kids colouring table and play area, to the colourful paintings on the wall, Dance Domain is a home away from home for our students.
  • Our end of year showcase celebrates all of our students, not just a few. We don’t do solos, there are no ‘feature’ dancers, and everyone gets to be up front. There’s no hiding students up the back like other schools do.

The work you do with your students is inspirational on all levels. Yes, the dancing, but it’s so much more than that. You care about them like family, and you shower them with your wonderful values which is rare and something to be treasured.

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  • We offer a truly fuss-free approach to dance
  • There’s no sewing costumes or making props – ever!
  • Heaps of convenient parking, and even better, drive through drop off and pick up for busy families who are always on the go!
  • We don’t have fussy or exclusive rules about watching classes or entering the studio space. Our space is your space. Some students feel more comfortable with a family member present, and that’s totally ok with us.
  • Our teachers are strong, positive role models for our young students. With a range of qualifications including degrees in Education, Social Work, Arts, and Commerce, Masters of Education, and a PhD candidate researching in dance education, you can rest assured your child is receiving a well-rounded education that goes beyond the steps. 
  • Our end of year show is a fun and bright event, with no stressful lead-up or rehearsals. Everything we do is with simplicity in mind.
  • We live local and we love local. We’re Inner Westies deep at heart and are connected to our community.

You have so many beautiful dancers, the choreography is amazing, the costumes divine, but best of all is the fuss-free attitude......not hearing the word compulsory is very nice!

kids dance classes inner west

If you're looking for refreshing Inner West dance classes that will boost your child's confidence and see them connect with a community of like-minded peers, then simply fill out the form below. One of our team members will be in touch via email in the next 48 hours.

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