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All staff will be fully vaccinated and we have already collected their vaccination certificates.

Students aged 16 years and older must be fully vaccinated. Children up to 16yrs must come from fully vaccinated households. Proof of vaccination or medical exemption must be shown. Any adult who accompanies a child to a dance class (e.g. a grandparent who brings a child to a Pocket Rockets class) must be fully vaccinated and show evidence of vaccination. 

All students must be signed in each time they visit. High school students or students with phones must use the Service NSW app. Primary school children or students who do not have access to a phone will be signed in electronically by DD staff using an online form. Preschool or Kindy students who are dropped off should be signed in via the Service NSW app by their parent/carer. 

Masks must be worn by staff and students aged 12 years and above. Any parent or carer dropping off or picking up students must wear a mask.

Students and staff must maintain physical distancing of 1.5m. The dance floor will be marked with individual dance zones based on physical distancing requirements. There will also be markers for where students can safely line up and where they can place their water bottles so there is less contact/congestion during drink breaks etc. 

We will adhere to capacity limits of 1 person per 4 square metres (our usual class sizes are well under these limits anyway)

Classes that are back-to-back will finish 2-3 mins early to allow for cleaning and minimise congregation between students who are coming and going

All students must wash/sanitise hands on entry and after touching mask/face

The studio will go back to being a student only zone. Students may be dropped off and picked up. Drive by is preferred where possible and a team member will supervise pick up and drop off. 

Studio doors will be left open to maximise ventilation and reduce touching of handles and a HEPA filter ventilation unit will be used in studio 2

All correspondence with us will be via email or phone - there will be no face-to-face conversations between parents/care-givers and DD staff at this time

Preschool and conditioning students will keep their personal props pack to be brought to and used in each class. Any preschool student who did not take Zoom lessons will be given an individual prop pack. Please bring a little bag they can use in class to store their items

Students must bring their own water bottle – no drinking/re-filling from the tap as this is where hands are washed. 

Students should get changed and go to the bathroom before class where possible

No bags should be brought to class unless coming from school or doing multiple classes

There will be regular cleaning performed throughout the period of classes operating and the studio will be cleaned/disinfected every day before opening and at close of business. 

Do not come to class if unwell or if you have any symptoms, and get tested.

All students/families who wish to return to the studio must agree to comply with these measures. 

These are the measures we are adopting to align with the Public Health Order and ensure the safety of our community. 

Click here to view an infographic that details the basic measures. You may wish to show this to your child and talk through the rules. 

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