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Meet the Team

We’re proud of our team of strong, intelligent and creative teachers at Dance Domain. Their passion for teaching and their care and dedication for their students is evident in every moment of their classes.
Read on to find out a little bit more about our inspiring teachers and studio team members.

Hi, I'm Elena

I've always been a little contrary... why do things the 'normal' way, when you can do things differently?

I'm lucky to be able to say I'm the Director of the coolest, most welcoming, and inclusive dance studio around. We're all about Dance Done Different. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 

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Rather than bore you with how many dance classes I've done or who taught me Jazz when I was 13, I'll tell you what really matters. 

Dance Domain is my home. It is a place where students, teachers and families come together to just be. No fuss. No nonsense. No Pressure. No Judgement. It is my happy place. It is a place where I get to witness the most amazing, open-minded and generous students grow up into powerful, honest, and humble young women and men. It is a place where I am honoured to work with the strongest, smartest and most incredible teachers and role models.

Everyday I'm astounded by our DD family. Never have I been a part of something so honest, so giving, so connected.  From students who bring in textas to replenish our colouring table supplies, to parents who cheer on other students when they achieve their goals, no matter how seemingly small. This is the place I want to be. I'm lucky to call it home, and I'm honoured to play host to the awesome students, teachers, and families that make Dance Domain what it is. 

some fun facts...


My favourite movie is a dead tie between Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and The Breakfast Club

I'm a PhD candidate researching Dance Education  at the University of Sydney and I should probably be writing my thesis right now instead of typing this 

If I lived in a world where I could only eat 5 things for the rest of my life, they would be: Nonna's spinach and ricotta ravioli, mango, Bourke St Bakery's olive oil loaf, fresh figs, and prosciutto. 

I have a huge dog called Saint who is a Bull Arab X Dane. 

I have a penchant for making up words.... 'schmeh' 


When did you start dancing?
I started dancing when I was 3 years old. My first performance was to the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song.

What is one of your future dance goals?
When I’m a lot older, I would love to still be able to do the splits. Everyone needs a party trick!

What do you love most about teaching at Dance Domain?
The students at Dance Domain are so positive and open to learning! It makes teaching a fun and challenging class so much easier!



Do you have a favourite dance move or combo?
Anything with a fast and strong pace! 

What do you love most about teaching at Dance Domain?
The students! Everyone is so bubbly, eager to learn, love dance, and just generally happy. It’s a great environment to teach in.

Whats your favourite thing to teach in your classes?
I love teaching interesting and abstract routines to contemporary music in class to challenge everyone! 



If I wasn't dancing, I'd be...?
Running some sort of catering company... although that’s still on the cards!

Favourite food?
I just cooked the most amazing chicken, leek and zucchini pie so right now that’s the only food on my mind haha

What do you love about teaching at Dance Domain?
That even though I’m a teacher, I’m constantly learning from the students and the other teachers! It’s just the most supportive environment!



What is one of your future dance goals?
Get better! I’d love to continue exploring how dance can be used to connect and build community with diverse groups of people. I’d also love to choreograph for a short film or theatre show.

What do you love most about teaching at Dance Domain?
I love the fun, relaxed atmosphere at Dance Domain. The students are enthusiastic, creative, and hilarious. And I really like all the artwork on the walls- that makes it such vibrant, beautiful place to teach!



If I wasn't dancing, I'd be...?
Cryingggg but also spending all the extra time with my little border collie pup, Maisy! 

What do you love most about teaching at Dance Domain?
I love that DD kids aren’t afraid to be themselves and put their own spin on the steps and combos we teach, it makes each lesson so entertaining!

Favourite music?
I love anything country! The stronger the accent, the better.



What's your favourite music?
Music is a tough one! Depending on my mood, I’ll listen to anything from Stevie Wonder to Britney Spears to Coldplay and Meg Mac.

What is your favourite dance memory?
Going to the Australian Tap Dance Festival in Melbourne and learning so many different styles of tap from some of my idols! I had sore feet muscles I didn’t even know existed!

What do you love most about teaching at Dance Domain?
I love that DD is so inclusive and supportive of anyone who wants to dance; and seeing the genuine enjoyment that students and teachers get from being part of the DD community



What is your favourite dance memory?
There are so many but I guess I would have to say being a mini and always getting to do the cool tricks in dances because of it. Being short has its perks sometimes!

What do you love about Dance Domain?
I love that its a family! Everyone looks out for each other and is so kind, caring and friendly. It's just an amazing community environment and I love being a part of it!

If I wasn't dancing I would be...?
Acting or performing somehow... just working on something creative!



What do you love about Dance Domain?
I love that there's always someone you can talk to and tell about how crazy your day was and it's always laughs and so easy going. 

 What would you be doing if you weren't dancing?
I legitimately cannot even fathom that. Like if I had never started dancing I probably would have exploded a long time ago. Dance is just so good to let out my feelings, I just can't help but dance. Isn't that normal?

Favourite movie?
Monsters Inc.... It's the best!



When did you start dancing? 
I started dancing at 5 years old, just taking a jazz class in my school hall. A few years later I started tap and ballet, started doing eisteddfods, and from then on I was hooked! I went to Newtown High School of the Performing Arts via the dance stream and that’s where I fell in love with contemporary and ballet. 

What is one of your future dance goals? 
To keep choreographing as much as possible, and continue doing independent shows that push me as both a dancer and choreographer. 

Favourite food? 



What do you love most about Dance Domain?
What I love about dance domain is how unique it is, there isn't another dance studio like it. It not only teaches kids how to become beautiful dancers but also gives them opportunities to find themselves in a fun and amazing way.

What is your favourite music?
 Thats a tough one, I like all kinds of music for different reasons. I guess mostly just powerful music that makes me feel every emotion that I'm feeling.

Do you have a favourite dance memory?
 Honestly every memory I have at dance domain is amazing but I guess if I had to choose, one of my favourites is when we were filming the Candyman video and I said that I couldn't do a move and Elena looked at me and threw a pen at my feet and just said "You can do it, you just have to practice". I love that memory because of how much Elena will never give up on something or someone and will do anything to make it a fun a joyful time.  



Do you have a funny dance anecdote?

At my Full-Time graduation the dry ice machine broke in the very 1st act, spraying not dry ice but water all over the stage. As none of us were aware this had happened we all collectively fell over on stage...essentially all 30 of us at one point or another fell over. There is video footage of this somewhere...

If you weren't teaching you'd be...

Either living off grid in a tiny house with a goat and some chickens away from Capitalism or a Sexologist (still aspiring to this one day if I can work up the guts to go to Uni)

Your three favourite foods of all time?

Mexican!!! Ice-Cream!! Burgers!



When did you start dancing?
I started dancing when I was about 3 years old and was always a jazz kid, everyone loves a burst of energy right?! But I soon started other styles and going to competitions and loved all of it. 

What is one of your future dance goals?
Definitely to choreograph for a big production or musical but as long as I’m still doing something related to dance I’ll be happy. 

What is your favourite movie?
Hmm.. I would have to say The Sound of Music, don’t know why it just always has been!


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