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We hope you had a blast at your Pocket Rocket Power-Hour session! 

​We've got so many more action-packed adventures ready to boost your child's confidence into hyperdrive and we know you'll love being a part of the Pocket Rocket crew. 

Term 4 classes begin on Monday 9th of October, and you've got VIP access to early enrolment.

To secure a spot in the coolest kids program around, simply click the button below and you'll be taken to our online enrolment page. In just a few moments, your little one will become the newest member of the Pocket Rocket crew! 

Becoming a Pocket Rocket is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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What level is best for my child?

Our custom Pocket Rockets program has three levels of action that caters to the developmental needs of children aged 3-6 yrs. 

If your 3-4yr old can't stop moving, then our Launchpad classes will get them moving and shaking and reaching for new heights. 

If you've got an active and adventurous 4-5 yr old on your hands, then our Countdown classes will stimulate their senses and unleash their energy.

​If your child is in 'big school' then they're ready to Blast Off! Watch their confidence soar as they tackle new challenges head on with enthusiasm and wonder. 

Pocket Rockets Preschool Dance Infographic

We can't wait for Term 4 classes to blast off on October 9th! To secure your little one's spot in our custom program, simply click the button below and register online.

Places are limited, so register your Pocket Rocket recruit today!​