Newtown, meet madge!

Newtown, meet madge.

On my last Saturday off before we start back for 2017, I was so excited to be able to witness the launch of madge – a local fashion and homewares label created by Luisa & John (two of our very own DD parents!!!).


madge takes it’s namesake from Luisa and John’s youngest daughter, and Dance Domain is so lucky to have all three of their girls as members of our studio family. Luisa and John’s creativity, humility, and work ethic have definitely been passed onto their girls.

To me, madge is like their 4th child. I’ve been watching the development of madge for a while now… I’ve drooled over their gorgeous custom prints in their Instagram teasers for months, seen the sneak peeks of the local screen-printing process, and watched as their range took shape over months of careful design, planning, and preparation.

As a self-confessed lover of all things local and community-minded, nothing was going to stop me from being the very first customer to walk in the door on the day of their Grand Opening!


Miss B, Miss S and Miss M… with me, Miss E!

The store is gorgeous – simple, elegant and understated. As an ex-fashion buyer myself, I can spot a strong label when I see one. The fabrics are stunning – high-quality linens being my personal favourite.

But what I love the most, are the range of easy-to-wear shapes that are suitable for all body types. Soft silhouettes and items that can be worn loosely of more fitted, everyone can find something at madge.

From the clothing range itself to the jewellery, the store design and the shop window, everything at madge is a cohesive story that speaks of well-considered design, a passion for locally-produced fashion and homewares, a passion for prints, and a personal touch that can only come from a family run business.

And to be very honest, if they were on sale, I would have bought the custom screen printed curtains right off the rails!

I didn’t get to take the curtains, but what I did get were the GORGEOUS wide culottes in their custom Bloques print … I’m an absolute fiend for a monochrome print!

I’ve been wanting a pair of wide and cropped pants for ages, but every time I tried them on I looked like a 4ft tall mushroom that had been draped in fabric.

But not at madge. The quality, design, and fit are next-level.

As someone who spends her life in active wear and leotards, these are the most exquisitely-made pants my bottom has ever had the opportunity to wear. They fit perfectly, made me feel 6ft tall (…when your 10-year-old students are as tall as you, this is a pretty big deal!), and I fell in love with them INSTANTLY!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing local small businesses thrive and I can see big things ahead for madge … oh, and I’m pretty happy about my awesome new pants too!

Love shopping local and supporting members of our little community? Then get into madge and be inspired by Australian fashion at its best and most local!

You can visit madge at 241 Australia St Newtown 2042 or online at

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