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When I started dance as a 4yr old, I remember my ballet teacher had a big stick… That’s it. That’s actually all I remember. Gone are the days of regimented dance lessons with strict teachers that push kids to strive for perfection with no respect for the beauty of difference and diversity. Or so they […]

Hidden benefits: playful dance, powerful learning

dance domain teacher takeover At Dance Domain we love our team of talented, creative, and unique teachers. What makes the DD team tick? Find out in our Teacher Takeover series. In this edition, Sally takes us on a journey that’s all about the powerful connection between music and memory. ‘music to memories’ – sally reay […]

Teacher Takeover – Music to Memories

Adventures of an Active Arts Kid! Take a peek into our April School Holiday Workshop and see what the buzz is all about!

Adventures of an Active Arts Kid! – April 2017

Meet the DD SRC! A team of talented and passionate students that are going to make 2017 the biggest year yet for Dance Domain!

Introducing your DD SRC Reps for 2017!

Newtown, meet madge. On my last Saturday off before we start back for 2017, I was so excited to be able to witness the launch of madge – a local fashion and homewares label created by Luisa & John (two of our very own DD parents!!!). madge takes its namesake from Luisa and John’s youngest daughter, and […]

Newtown, meet madge!

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