Teacher Takeover – Sally!


Welcome to the first of our Teacher Takeover posts in 2017!

This series is all about getting to know what makes our awesome teachers tick! We’re lucky to have such a diverse and talented group of teachers that make up the DD Team, and each of them brings their unique approach to dance to their classes and the studio.

These posts will delve into what inspires and motivates their teaching, what’s been happening in their classes, what courses and programs they’re currently undertaking, or even a little anecdote from their past!

First off the ranks is Sally – our resident Hip Hop master!



What I love about dance is how it creates opportunities for community and communication. Bringing people together, expressing a feeling, sharing an experience.

As well as connecting through music and movement, I love how dancers can connect through time and space. Recently I was at a festival where I got to participate in a bunch of workshops exploring dances from around the world. It’s always fascinating (and so much fun!) to try out dance styles that have been developed by different cultures over years, decades, and even centuries. How amazing to be dancing the same steps as other members of our human family, long ago and far away.

It’s easy to feel disconnected from these histories and cultures in our little Inner West oasis. But as dancers, we’re all part of this ‘living library’ of dance. I like to think we add to it every time we set foot in the studio, or learn a new step from YouTube, or even have a solo dance party in our bedroom. We get to learn from rich dance traditions around the world as well as be part of them.

For example, in our hip hop classes, we’ve been learning some fundamental moves which may look very ‘urban’ now but have their roots in African and Caribbean cultures from long ago. Also, hip hop has traditionally been about self-expression and asserting you or your group’s unique place in society, so as well as learning the basics in class I encourage my students to find their own style which says something about them.

So remember, next time you’re working on that jump, nailing that quick foot work, swinging your body around to the music – as well as rocking out by yourself and for yourself – you’re also part of a wonderfully creative, expressive, and diverse group of storytellers that have been around since time began. You’re a dancer!

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