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Adult Dance Classes

Unlike other adult classes in Sydney, you’ll be happy to hear that our classes are definitely a genuine adult class, with ages ranging from 21-60. And no, you’re definitely not too old!

We pride ourselves on small classes – usually between 4-12 students depending on the class – which means you’ll get personal attention and be able to thrive in a supportive and community-minded environment. Our classes are perfect for a range of levels, abilities and fitness levels.

Some of our students have rekindled a love of dance they may have begun as a child, while others have recently commenced as absolute beginners. We also have a regular following of dedicated students that have been with us for over 8 years! They’ll act as a wonderful support network as you begin your adult dance journey with us.

We know that not all types of movements are for all types of bodies (you’ll never see me going for a run, that’s for sure!) and we’re experienced in catering for a range of abilities and pre-existing injuries. We’re able to give alternatives for different levels within exercises, or alternative movements altogether to accommodate the needs and preferences of our students.

We don’t believe that age, ability, or experience should hold anyone back from experiencing the benefits of dance and movement. So if you’ve ever wanted to get into a dance class, or dust off your technique after a break from dance, then read on to find out more about our styles to see which class is best for you!



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This 45-minute class is focused on rebuilding or gaining flexibility, core strength and muscule tone and endurance. Each class starts off with an all-round stretch session and then moves on to a 3-stage body workout focusing on arms, abs & back and butts & legs. Workouts are based on short, intense bursts with small recovery sessions, which help to kick-start the body and have you looking and feeling great.

To keep things interesting, we incorporate a range of techniques and props, including fitballs, chi balls, massage rollers, super-light hand weights and therabands. Classes are small, friendly and built upon an environment of encouragement and achievement.

Have a pre-existing injury or a physical limitation? Don’t let that stop you! We’re experienced in providing alternative movements and exercises so everyone can get moving!

Stay tuned for more details about when our Stretch & Strength classes resume.


This course is for anyone who has ever thought “I want to get back into dance but I’m nervous because it's been so long”. Aimed at advanced beginners-intermediate level, this course assumes a little prior dance experience but isn't too advanced or fast paced. If something doesn't feel right, we're totally happy to give alternatives so you can move in a way that feels right for you. 

This class offers the space, patience and time to give individualised attention on developing fundamental lyrical, contemporary and ballet techniques as well as working on performance quality over the course. We then put those basics into practice with more fluid and expressive movements to loosen us up and de-stress. Whether you’re there to get a strong core, fulfil a childhood dream, get some 'me' time, or approach a new hobby in a fun and supportive environment – we welcome you with open arms. “Too old” is not in our vocabulary!

Tuesday - 7:00-8:00pm
$90 for a 5-wk course
$20 casual drop-in

Our next Lyrical course begins Tuesday 4th February


Our Adults Jazz Mini-Courses are great whether you'r getting back into dance or brand new to dance. Over 4-5 weeks you'll learn and polish a routine. Each course is a little different, so expect a range of jazz styles from more commercial feels to theatre jazz and different levels, from Beginners, to Advanced Beginners, and intermediate. 

Our class begins with a warm up and a little strength or balance work. Each lesson features 1 or 2 small technique combinations where you'll learn and refine specifics steps like kicks, turns, and jumps that often feature in the dances. After that we'll get stuck into the dance. Each week you'll learn a little more and go over the last week's content and by the end you'll feel confident and get to really have fun dancing out your routine. 

$70 for 4-weeks/$90 for 5-weeks
$20 casual drop-in.

Stay tuned for more info on our next Jazz Mini-Course


Love tap but have never been able to get to a class often enough to notice real progress? Want to get fit doing something fun? Love to dance but find it hard committing to a full term or year of adult tap classes?

We know life is busy for adults, so we’ve specifically designed these mini-courses to be jam-packed with as much tap-tastic fun and learning in a 1-hour class over 4/5 weeks. Each course is dedicated to learning a classic scene or song from timeless films, musicals, stage shows and more. Old or new, classic or fringe, quirky or traditional – we love it all, and you will too! You’ll learn new tap steps, refine your skills and have fun as you stamp away those weekday stresses. 

Tuesday - 8:00-9:00pm
$90 for a 5-wk course
$20 casual drop

Our next Tap course begins Tuesday 4th February!


Our ballet mini-courses are perfect for absolute beginners to advanced beginners. Never done ballet before but always fancied a spot at the barre?  Well we know life is busy for adults, so we’ve specifically designed these mini-courses to be jam-packed with the 'everything you need to know about ballet' basics in just 4 weeks. You'll improve your posture, muscle tone and appreciation for music and movement in a supportive and laid back environment. 

We run different workshops throughout the year with different themes to keep you inspired and motivated. One course may be aimed at gorgeous flowing port de bras inspired by Swan Lake, other times it might be slow and sustained adage feels from La Bayadere

Monday - 7:30-8:30pm
$90 for a 5-week course
$20 casual drop in

Our next Ballet course begins soon! Check back here soon for dates or join our FB group!

Tuesday  7:00PM - 8:00PM

Tuesday 8:00PM - 9:00PM




TBC - either Monday or Wednesday evenings

At the moment our adults are working on their performances for the end of year show, so unfortuanetly the classes will be closed for the rest of the year. Join our Facebook group below or shoot us an email to stay updated with when we'll be back next year!

Mini-Courses (60mins) – $70 for 4-weeks  |  $90 for 5 weeks,  |  $20 drop-in

Performance Courses (60mins over 8/9 weeks)
$200 for the performance pass (includes costume)
$165 for the 9-week course, no performance
$150 for the 8-week course, no performance
 $20 casual drop in til Week 5 only

There’s no need to register online for classes, and you can pay on the night, either by cash or credit card/debit card.


I really liked Dance Domain’s approach to dance lessons .


Do I need to book?
We know that life gets busy, so our classes are run on a casual drop-in basis. No need to book in advance or sign up to contracts or monthly memberships. Just come when you can make it!

You can pay by cash or card on-site too.

How do I get there?
Classes are conveniently located in St Peters, with access to public transport (St Peters station, 370/422 bus routes) and plenty of free parking too!

Studio 4, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd St Peters, NSW 2044

Head in the driveway off Unwins Bridge Road, and follow the ramp down and towards the right… You'll see us on the right hand side once you're off the ramp. 

What should I bring?
A bottle of water and a smile! We’ll provide the rest. If you prefer, you can bring your own exercise mat for the Stretch & Strength class, but we have plenty here too.

What should I wear?
Whatever you feel comfortable in. Something stretchy and easy to move in is best. No leotards and tights required!… although some of our Lyrical Ballet ladies don’t mind getting into the spirit occasionally.

For Lyrical Ballet, you can wear ballet shoes if you have them, or dark socks are suitable too. For Stretch & Strength most students go barefoot or in dark socks, however, some of our adult dance class students prefer a little more support and begin the class in sneakers. Dust off your tap shoes for our tap mini-courses.

I haven't exercised in a while. Is this class suitable for me?
For many of our students, our Stretch & Strength class has helped them gradually build their fitness and a healthier lifestyle. We are always there to support you and your needs in class, so if something doesn’t feel right, just let us know and we’ll modify exercises and steps for you. You don’t need to do the whole class – feel free to move at your own pace. Others have jumped straight into an adult tap mini-course as a fun way to keep moving and improve your fitness.

And remember, you’re not alone. When you look around in one of our classes you’ll see a range of abilities. The student who has awesome flexibility is working on their posture. The student with amazing strength is working on their range of motion. There’s no competition in our classes, and we encourage questions so you can get the most out of each and every lesson.

What level are the classes?
Our classes are open level, meaning the teacher will adjust the content depending on the students in class that night. We have plenty of experience in making exercises more simple and foundational, and we’re able to make exercises more challenging should you want a little extra push. If you’re after a little more, we’ll often add a rise in exercises, or there’s the option to do double pirouettes instead of singles, or work on triple time steps instead of working on basics… and if the thought of a double pirouette makes you want to hide in the corner, then don’t worry, we’ve got ways around that too!



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