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Kids Classes

Our students think we’re awesome because everyone is free to express their individuality in a safe and creative environment that respects and praises difference.

Students are encouraged to enjoy dance as kids, whilst learning important life skills, making strong friendships, and having the best time!


I am very very very impressed with your company and studio. It shattered my terrible preconceived notions of what a dance studio and classes for a child could be and both of you and the other parent's and carers made me feel very welcome. Thank you.



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Get the know-how on the technique behind kicks, turns and jumps whilst learning dances to current and upbeat songs. Increase coordination and build confidence whilst gaining strength and flexibility and valuable learning skills.

Each class begins with an age-appropriate stretch and conditioning session to safeguard against injury and build strength. Students then work on particular technical moves, such as kicks, turns, jumps and leaps, which are then worked into a dance that they continually build upon throughout the year.

Dance Domain Jazz students get moved by all styles of music, from The White Stripes to Lady GaGa, Kimbra to Stromae, and Hermitude to Disclosure.


The perfect class for the kid who loves to make some noise…let them stomp it out in the studio instead!! Students will learn terminology and gain an appreciation for music and rhythmic patterns as they explore different genres, from tango, swing, house and more.

Each class begins with a level appropriate warm up at the barre or the centre and then moves on to learning and mastering technical combinations, such as Time Steps, Buffalos, Wings and a variety of turning steps.

These technical elements are then put into a rhythmic masterpiece that students will perform for the end of year show.

Dance Domain students keep the beat and stomp those feet to the sounds of Basement Jaxx, Nina Simone, Parov Stelar and even The Black Keys.


Break away from the boring old ballet class, we do ballet our way. Learn the technique, posture, and poise of the classical dance form without the stuffy old-school dance at the end of the year.

We adopt a refreshing approach to ballet, without the stress or pressure of examinations, or the rigidity of a syllabus. Students are taught ‘open’ classes that encourage the ability to learn and adapt quickly and also allows the class to cater to different abilities and capacities. Students will learn developmentally appropriate technique through classes that foster creativity, provide a deeper understanding of their body and anatomical functions, and allow them to master ballet movement in their own way.

Dance Domain loves a twist, so our Ballet kids blend traditional with modern as they grace the stage to artists like Florence and the Machine, Anna of the North, M83 and Lisa Mitchell.


Lyrical dance was created as a hybrid of contemporary, jazz, and ballet techniques to further a dancer’s potential to interpret music through movement. Lyrical particularly focuses on conveying the emotion of a piece of music and is known for valuing expression over strict technique.

As well as combinations tackling turns, leaps, kicks and floor work, students will be exposed to a range of routines that explore human experience.

Lyrical is a chance to reflect on emotions familiar and unfamiliar to yourself. Our lyrical students are moved by artists old and new such as Bill Withers and James Vincent McMorrow, and amazing Australian artists like Wafia and Meg Mac.



A beautiful visual artistic way to express your emotions. Contemporary is a versatile style which incorporates floor work, unique and off-centre lines and movements. 

Students will learn how to use the floor in unique ways, use dynamics with different types of energy and use elements of push and pull to express emotions in their movements.

Each class begins with a warm-up in the centre which focuses on breathing through movement with yoga and pilates elements that improve core strength and flexibility. 

Our contemporary students express themselves to a wide range of music, from Maya Jane Cole and Birdy, to Damien Rice and Ramin Djawadi.



Express your individuality, explore a variety of street styles, and learn some of the classic steps that have made this type of dance so popular.

Hip hop is a great way to develop your strength, coordination, and musicality.
Exercises and routines are performed to songs that you can’t help but move along to, including both current tunes and old-school hits.

Each class begins with an age-appropriate warm-up and a stretch session.
This is followed by foundation work including isolations, grooves, and floor work, as well as group activities that encourage creativity and cooperation.

Students build up a routine throughout the year and dance to a variety of artists such as Hermitude, Beyonce, Run-DMC, TLC, and The Avalanches.



Theatre jazz emerged on the Broadway scene when choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jack Cole decided that musicals could, in fact, become home to more contemporary styles of dance.

With focus on developing dynamic control and performance, technique components of dance become less stale and more individualised. Theatre jazz is influenced by how we interpret and modify movement in a stylised way.

At Dance Domain, we encourage students to take an active role in their learning so if you have a favourite musical tune that you’ve always wanted to dance to, please don’t be afraid to let us know and we’ll work it into the class right away.

Unfortunately we aren't running any Theatre Jazz classes in 2020 but keep updated because they may be back in future!



A 45-minute blitz that will get students’ hearts pumping. This class is the perfect addition to any class and will help students improve their core strength, increase their flexibility, and build their strength.

More importantly, we see our conditioning students’ confidence soar as they can feel the achievements they make each week.

Each class is kept fun and fresh by incorporating a variety of different exercises that range from circuits with fun equipment, like fit balls, therabands, chi balls and massage rollers, to barre-inspired technique building exercises, and long stretches that will release muscles and help get those kicks high and those leaps through the roof!

 Our conditioning class is an open class suitable for ages 10+. Plus, if you’re a Performance Group student, you can take our conditioning class for just $50 per term.



Whether your child is no stranger to the spotlight or needs to build their confidence, Dance Domain’s Performance Groups are a great way to challenge and inspire students to be their best.

Performance Groups are organised according to junior and senior age groups and students will gain valuable teamwork skills as they work towards performances in competitions, festivals and other shows throughout the year.

Students are challenged to learn a dance quickly and polish the piece ready for performance. Rather than focus on dance as competition, Performance Group members become representatives for Dance Domain through cooperation and community.




We also use Performance Group classes as an opportunity to expose students to styles they may not have experienced yet. Our teachers customise a dance to a style that suits the personality of the group each year.

While other studios make students audition for a place in a ‘troupe’ and enforce a large number of classes in order to join performance-based classes, at Dance Domain, we believe that everyone belongs on the stage. We only require that students take one style-based class (jazz, contemporary, lyrical, or ballet), to ensure their technique and strength is maintained.

Did we forget to say that going to events is also an awesome time? Friends who dance together, stay together! <3

Intermediate – Grade 4-7
Senior – Grade 8+


Our kids classes cater for students aged 6-18.

For information on our classes for students aged 6 and under, click here to check out our custom-made Pocket Rockets program.

You can view all the classes available for 2020 below, which are organised by the following grades (please note all grades are based on the grade your child is in at school)

If you have any questions about what class is suitable for your child, don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Unfortunately we've had to close our enrolments for 2020 to prepare for our End of Year Showcase. Please get in touch if you'd like to be put on a waitlist for 2021 classes!

Costs below are for a 10-week term:

30-minute class $155                                   45-minute class $175

60-minute class $195                                  75-minute class $220

Conditioning $120 p/term                          $60 for Performance Group students

Fees are paid upon registration and can be paid by credit or debit card, as a one-off payment or in twice termly installments as part of a direct debit payment plan.

Joining halfway through a term? You’ll just be invoiced for the number of classes left in the term.


- Our classes are relaxed. There’s no pressure of exams or auditions for performance groups

- Students are always respected and given a say. From music choices, to costume ideas, and choreography – we value the creative input of our students and encourage our students to be co-creators

- Students get to see their ideas come to life, such as DD SRC, a student idea pitched in 2016 that was made into reality in 2017

- We hate tacky or barely-there costumes – and so do our students. We never make them wear something they aren’t comfortable in

- We don’t value ballet above all other styles. At Dance Domain, all dance styles are as important as each other

- They feel truly at home in a studio space that was custom-built for our students, and customised by our students. From the comfy couches, to the kids colouring table and play area, to the colourful paintings on the wall, Dance Domain is a home away from home for our students

- Our end of year showcase celebrates all of our students, not just a few. We don’t do solos, there are no ‘feature’ dancers, and everyone gets to be up front. There’s no hiding students up the back like other schools do


- We offer a truly fuss-free approach to dance

- There’s no sewing costumes or making props – ever!

- Heaps of convenient parking, and even better, drive through drop off and pick up for busy families who are always on the go!

- We don’t have fussy or exclusive rules about watching classes or entering the studio space. Our space is your space. Some students feel more comfortable with a family member present, and that’s totally ok with us.

- Our teachers are strong, positive role models for our young students

- Our end of year show is a fun and bright event, with no stressful lead-up or rehearsals.

- We live local and we love local. We’re Inner Westies deep at heart and are connected to our community


I am so happy we found Dance Domain. It is a studio with the goal of making your whole body & mind as strong as possible, with great role models in all of the teaching staff. The studio fosters an awesome sense of community in all its dancers across age/ability. My daughter is so proud to say she is a member of the DD squad!


Want to know more? Read up on some of our most frequently asked questions.

What ages are your classes suitable for?
Our kids classes are perfect for ages 6-18 of all abilities and levels of experience. If your child is under 6 head over to our Pocket Rockets Preschool Program to find out about the coolest mini dance program around!

My child doesn’t have much dance experience, can they still join?
We welcome all students, no matter what experience. We also prefer to place students with an age group that is appropriate to them to help their confidence levels. There’s nothing worse than a teenager standing in the middle of a primary kids ballet class. Get in touch with us to find out about what class would suit your child the best.

How do we get there?
Classes are conveniently located in St Peters, with access to public transport (St Peters station, 370/422 bus routes) and plenty of free parking too! We’re a short walk away from a lot of primary and high schools in the area.

Studio 4, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd St Peters, NSW 2044

If you’re driving, head in the driveway off Unwins Bridge Road, and follow the ramp down and towards the right… as soon as you're off the ramp you'll see us on the right hand side.

My child was asked to leave another dance school. Are you different?
We believe that no child should ever be excluded from a learning opportunity for any reason. In alignment with our studio values, we welcome all students regardless of age, ability, capacity, sex, gender, race, or social class.

Many of our amazing students were asked to leave former studios due to focus, behaviour, or physical/cognitive abilities. We understand and appreciate the differences in each and every one of our students, and work collaboratively to provide excellent and positive learning experiences.

We pride ourselves on adapting choreography and exercises for different abilities to ensure that students enjoy an integrated class environment where everyone learns from each other and works toward shared goals. There are no lead roles and spotlight students here. We’re all in it together.

If you'd like to talk about classes for your child just get in touch.

What do students need to bring?
Students will need appropriate footwear (e.g. tap or ballet shoes). If they’re just starting out, trying ballet, jazz, lyrical or contemporary styles is fine in bare feet or a pair of dark coloured socks. We prefer black jazz and tap shoes, but if they’re purple we don’t mind either! For Hip Hop, students should wear sneakers or other street shoes they can easily move around in. We have a small second-hand pool of shoes and dancewear at the studio, with many things free to a good home, and others available for cheap.

Other than that, a water bottle, some energy, and a smile!

If your child is waiting in between classes, there is a study area at the studio. Students are welcome to bring study materials and homework to complete while they wait for their class to begin.

What should they wear?
At Dance Domain we don’t have a strict set uniform. Students are able to dress in what makes them feel comfortable. We recommend clothes that aren’t hugely baggy or revealing. Most students wear shorts, leggings or trackies with a singlet, tank or tee. Our ballet students wear leotards or a top and shorts, but there’s no need for pink tights.

Do I need to register?
Our classes are very popular and often book out at the start of the year. Our students tend to sign up for a year and stay for the year… and many more! Your registration holds their spot in their preferred classes for the calendar year so you don’t need to re-enrol each term. You can get in touch with us re: availabilities in classes – just email hello@dancedomain.com.au

Where can I buy dance shoes and dance wear?
Anything Dance – 3/31 Byron St, Croydon
Bloch – York St, Sydney (opposite QVB) or Bondi Junction





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