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…the strongest memories of dance aren’t about what happens on stage – its about what happens on show day… Keen to dance on stage? Find out about our adult dance performance courses!

Adult dance performance courses

When I started dance as a 4yr old, I remember my ballet teacher had a big stick… That’s it. That’s actually all I remember. Gone are the days of regimented dance lessons with strict teachers that push kids to strive for perfection with no respect for the beauty of difference and diversity. Or so they […]

Hidden benefits: playful dance, powerful learning

One of my favourite things about being a teacher is that I’m always learning. Every day I’m finding out more about how to effectively build knowledge and engage students in a dance class. More often than not, it means doing things a little differently. This last week I’ve been learning signs to help me communicate […]

A little change goes a long way

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When it takes us adults SO long to get into something new, we literally can’t afford to waste our time with companies that don’t match our values. When you’re in a space where you feel comfortable and are surrounded by like-minded people, it makes trying new things so much easier.

The L O N G road to starting something new as an adult

Preschool Dance Classes

Four things to look out for when choosing the best preschool dance class Looking for a preschool dance class for your little one? It can be a little daunting trying to find a program that will nurture, stimulate, and encourage your child. And of course, if it isn’t fun and they aren’t having a good […]

4 things to look out for when choosing the best preschool dance class for your child

school holiday activities clay

3 school holiday activities to keep Inner West kids busy these holidays Holidays are just around the corner which means its time to lock down school holiday activities. If you’re looking for some fun, active things to do these holidays, then look no further – St Peters has it all! Here are some of our […]

3 school holiday activities to keep Inner West kids busy these holidays

THE HARDEST PART ABOUT ADULT DANCE CLASSES Getting into adult dance classes for the first time ever or the first time since you danced as a child is no easy feat. As adults, we face so many barriers to starting something new. Our desire to do something is so often overthrown by our complacency to […]

The hardest part about adult dance classes

why we don’t teach dance here. As a dance teacher with 13 years of experience, and as the Director of a 7-yr-old dance studio, you might be surprised to find out that we don’t teach dance here. Why? As a very young child I was WAY too energetic and fidgety for my traditional ballet class. […]

Why We Don’t Teach Dance Here

Secure your dream role as a dance teacher: industry secrets that will get you hired! Think of this as a public service to the dance teachers out there. I’ve seen it crop up in dance studio owner Facebook groups for as long as I’ve been a member of them. I’ve heard the frustrations and I’ve […]

Secure Your Dream Role As A Dance Teacher!

the DD Amazing Race – stories from the finish line On a beautiful spring day in September, 25 members of our awesome community took up the challenge of DD SRC’s Amazing Race… Sydney Park didn’t know what was coming. We started by organising teams and setting out the ground rules, all while our fabulous SRC […]

The DD Amazing Race – Stories from the Finish Line

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